Ask The Expert: How Do I IMPROVE My Chances Of Getting Singapore Permanent Residence?

Apply for Singapore Permanent Residence the right way.
06 January 2019

Akin to applying for a job, a poorly prepared application fails to provide Singapore’s reviewing officers with critical data to make an informed decision that benefits the country.

Considering the highly competitive nature of Singapore’s selective immigration policy, candidates need to fully understand Singapore’s immigration challenges, strategic economic plans and social integration opportunities, before preparing an application that warrants attention. Here are some important factors from Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) that you need to take note of in order to improve your chances:

Showcase Your Commitment

Preferences are duly given to those contributing economically and socially, as well as demonstrating the potential and desire to integrate well into Singapore’s society. Successful candidates undergo a strict assessment criteria that looks into industry of profession, years of experience, length of stay in Singapore, educational background, income level and many other factors. This means, candidates who wish to apply must ensure that they are aligned with the Singapore Government’s requirements, and have prominently displayed commitment to pledge to Singapore, long term.

Understand the Requirements

All applications are assessed based on individual merits by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), yet many applicants go in without knowing the right angle of approach. It involves understanding what the government requires in successful candidates. Unlike countries with open immigration policies like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc., the general public has no purview to the type of talent that Singapore needs in a particular time period.

Gain More Application Insights

The majority of rejections stem from individuals who’ve filled out their own applications without any guidance from professionals or insights into the industry. Further, since ICA has digitised all applications, there are unfortunately still many who may not be well-versed in technology, or non-English speaking foreigners, and do not accurately complete the application. The value we provide at IASG may not be very visible at the start, but as one of our client summed up, “They were dedicated, detailed and had immense knowledge on the processes.”

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From The Finder (Issue 296) , January 2019 

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