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Pure Yoga Workshops

August 12, 2019
September 1, 2019

Stretch your limits this month with an array of unique workshops at Pure Yoga this month – ranging from an immersive 11-day challenge to a soothing and healing sound therapy workshop.

This 11-day challenge by Pure Teacher Kristin covers a range of carefully crafted sessions and topics that allow participants to go beyond just the asana and enjoy the benefits of a more holistic yoga programme.

Join Pure Teacher Stanley in this 50-hour intensive as he seeks to share the immense benefits of Sound Healing Therapy which includes alleviating stress, reducing pain, improving sleep patterns, and achieving a heightened sense of concentration and alertness.

This weekend series by Pure Teacher Daria is designed to increase mobility, range of motion and reduce tension across the body. Each session focuses on a different area of the body and uses important elements of developing flexibility.

In this workshop, Pure Teachers Missy and Noy will deconstruct the 26-posture series with a strong emphasis on alignment and benefits. Each lecture session will break down the classic hot sequence pose by pose with demonstrations, hands-on adjustments, and a strong emphasis on physical benefits of each posture.

Find out more about each event and how to participate by clicking their links above.

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