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Local Tour: Hungry Ghost Festival

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The gates of hell are thrown open annually during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar (August to September) and shut on the 30th day after the last ghoul is hauled home. The Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhongyuan Jie is a traditional festival held during this period. Throughout the month, home prayers and street events are organized to commemorate and serve dead ancestors. To appease wandering spirits, the Chinese offer prayers, hold banquets filled with sumptuous food and make offerings of joss sticks, paper money, paper gifts, and even provide entertainment. Trade associations and companies jointly organize prayers which include getai (staged shows) and Chinese street operas to entertain these spirits and to keep them out of mischief.  

Join our heritage guide as we journey around town to see how the Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated.  Learn about the legends, the rituals, and the symbolism associated with this colorful and loud festival. The tour will include visits to Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown, and some suburban heartlands where the festival is held. The best part is left for the end, a sitdown dinner! 

DRESS CODE: Suitable casual dress for visiting religious sites – no bare shoulders or short shorts. 

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