Wines To Watch: Why It’s ‘Rosé Time’ ALL The Time In Singapore – By Expat Sommelier Daan Suijlen

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13 December 2018

Picture this: It’s 4 o’clock on a sunny weekend afternoon.

You may be pool side or on a balcony, thinking about the evening to come. What should you do for dinner? Or, what time you need to leave for your friends’ BBQ? It’s just the right time to open a good rosé.

For me, rosé works really well as aperitive, with some crunchy crisps or on its own. It has that light, fruity character and is so refreshing, when served perfectly chilled.

Be careful: Sometimes, food can overpower your rosé. But, most rosés work very well with salads, sashimi and grilled veggies. They just scream “summer!” – which comes in handy in Singapore. (It explains why, though I have always loved rosé, I do find myself drinking more rosé than ever here.) With the festive season upon us, it’s the ideal bottle to begin an amazing dinner party.

But, which ones should you buy? When it comes to wine, getting good value for your money can be a challenge in Singapore. As a trained sommelier and lover of food, here are my personal picks: 3 rosés to watch – broken down by price with some tasting and serving suggestions.

Remember to enjoy yours when in the sun!

Under $30: Matua Rosé

 Marlborough, New Zealand
Price: $26 (available at Redmart, Market Place and FairPrice)

Light and refreshing with lots of red fruits, this one’s easy to drink. It is a straightforward rosé and best enjoyed well-chilled. Drink on its own or serve it with light BBQ dishes like grilled veggies. What I love most about this wine: It has good value for the price!

Under $50: AIX Rosé

Bottles of AIX Rosé from Provence Wines to Watch in Singapore by Daan Suijlen

From: Provence, France
Price: $37 to $45 (widely available at Redmart, Huber’s Butchery and Little Farms)

This rosé is from the south of France, the place known for its love of everything good in life – and so is this wine. Many believe the best rosés comes from Provence, and this one is a classic blend. It reminds me of red summer fruits: strawberry and raspberry. I love it because it’s a good rosé in a sexy bottle at a fair price – best served ice cold. If pairing with food, make sure you serve it with light bites.

Under $75: Whispering Angel – Caves d’t Esclans

Whispering Angel - Caves d’t Esclans from Provence - France Wines to Watch in Singapore by Daan Suijlen

From: Provence, France
Price: $50 to $57 (available at Wines Online, Huber’s Butchery and most wine shops)

Some argue this is the best rosé in the world, and I’m close to agreeing. It’s extremely light and delicate – look at that colour! – yet has amazing taste (also of red fruits) and a long finish. It works well with lightly salted crisps or at the start of any dinner. If you like rosé, you have to try this one. Warning, though: Once you serve it to your friends, they won’t leave till the last bottle is empty.


About Daan Suijlen

Dutch expat Daan is a passionate home chef and certified sommelier. At the age of 5, he preferred to be in the kitchen watching his grandma cook – and that passion has never left him! Having studied wine following WSET, he now loves to combine the best of both worlds: amazing food with great wines. Follow him at Instagram under @wineandcooking.

By Daan Suijlen, 13 December 2018

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