The Beginner’s Guide To Loving Durian, Even If You’ve Got Sworn Hatred For It

24 July 2017

The Beginner’s Guide To Buying (& Loving) Durian In Singapore: For durian newbies, trying this famous – or infamous – fruit is a daunting idea. Not to mention wandering into a stall where walls of durians leave you confused at where to begin.

Which variety to pick? How do you know it’s a good one? What to look out for when the seller recommends a certain durian to you?

Almost all connoisseurs we ask say it is important to go to a reputable seller, and to keep going back if the durians are good. Housewife Shelia Lim, 52, a self-confessed durian enthusiast, says: “Customer loyalty counts for a lot. The seller will keep the good durians for you, so you know you’re paying for quality fruit.”

Beyond that, consult this guide by the durian experts themselves to pick the right durian for your palate – and the best-tasting one of the lot. When you get it right, you might just be a convert.

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