10 Easy Tips To Avoid Food Waste When Dining Out In Singapore

12 December 2016

Did you know food accounts for one-tenth of all waste produced in the country? 

It’s the time of the year when we tend to indulge in food and merrymaking. But all the food that we don’t finish at restaurants and parties is thrown away and contributes to the national waste generated

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Here’s what you can do to prevent food waste when eating out and still enjoy a hearty meal with family and friends. 

1. Order the right amount, and order only what you can eat. You should take into consideration what you order will give you a balanced meal. For example, there may be times when you feel like there are too much carbs on our plate so you end up wasting a lot of rice

2. It’s better to start with less food on the table and order more later if you need to.  

3. If a dish or a side contains something you don’t eat, request for a replacement when ordering. You can also ask them if it’s possible not to include the ingredient in your dish.

4. Consult the server on portion sizes to determine how much to order. They can also advise on the number of dishes recommended for your group.

10 Easy Tips To Avoid Food Waste When Dining Out In Singapore

5.  Order only what you can finish. Downsize your order if you intend to eat less and ask for a smaller portion.  

6. Avoid rushing to order more. It takes 15 to 20 minutes after eating to start feeling full so take your time to decide whether or not you need more food on your table. 

7. Share dishes and offer a portion to your dining partner(s) before you start eating. It’s also a great way for everyone to have a taste of everything. 

8. Give your feedback to the restaurant if the food doesn’t taste good so they can improve the dish and avoid wastage in future.

9. Come back another day to try other dishes or order a second serving after you’ve finished the dish. You don’t have to try everything all at once. 

10. Appreciate the effort that goes into producing your food by finishing everything on your plate when you eat out. Whenever possible, bag any leftover food to bring home.


For more useful tips on adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle in Singapore, check out Clean & Green Singapore.


By Muneerah Bee, December 2016

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