Your Child’s New Favourite Recipe: Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Maker

11 November 2016

Here’s a treat for the sweet-toothed that don’t require any fancy equipment or ingredients.


250ml cold heavy cream
200ml cold condensed milk
14 Oreo cookies (or more if you wish!)

1. Place 10 cookies into a resealable plastic bag, and crush the cookies into small pieces (at least 1/6th the size of a regular cookie). 
2. Pour heavy cream into a bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form. Gently fold in the condensed milk, followed by the cookie pieces. 
3. Pour the mixture into a freezer-proof plastic container. Knock it slightly to evenly spread out the mixture, then smoothen the surface with a spatula.
4. Roughly break up the remaining 4 cookies and place on top of the ice cream mixture. Cover the container and freeze for at least 6 hours.


For more of Bianca’s recipes, check out her website, All You Need Is Cook.


By Mia Chenyze, SimplyHer, September 2016

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