3 Delivery Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

18 December 2015
<p>Get your fruit-and-veggie fix fuss-free!</p>

Get your fruit-and-veggie fix fuss-free!

Want to have boxes of fruits, snacks and even wine delivered right to your doorstep? Here’s how you can!


1. Simply Fresh

Can’t find the time to shop for fruits and vegetables? Have your greens brought to you by this subscription box! Deliveries are made weekly, so your fruit-and-veggie fix is always fresh and not refrigerator-hogging. Everything is certified organic and freshly harvested  from farms in Europe, meaning that what you get is top-grade and perfect for the health-conscious.

PRICE: From $126 a month.
WHAT YOU GET: A variety of eight to 10 kinds of produce in a box that weighs 5-7kg. Different boxes suit various lifestyle needs: all fruits, all vegetables, Mediterranean produce (such as wild tomatoes, purple haze carrots, baby snack capsicums and kale), juicing ingredients (apples, pomegranates and beetroots), and boxes for cooking (with ingredients such as turnips, vine tomatoes, fennel and pumpkins).


2. Boxgreen

This one-stop shop for wholesome nibbles puts a healthy twist on snacking by sending you a box of treats every month. No boring old nuts and oats here. Think tasty dry-snack combos like MacRitchie Midnight (a mix of dark-chocolate buttons, pumpkin seeds, whole hazelnuts and dried cranberries), Coco Berry Smoothie (toasted coconut flakes, cranberries and pineapple cubes) and Pina Okinawa (edamame and pineapple cubes). Each packet has less than 200 calories in a 30g serving. For the very particular, the site offers nutrition facts for every snack. And that’s how you take the guilt out of snacking.

PRICE: From $19.90 a month.
WHAT YOU GET: A cardboard box holding four of Boxgreen’s packeted snacks, each weighing 50-80g.


3. The French Cellar

This two-year-old start-up brings wine tasting to the comfort of your home. The French Cellar began with the aim of making wine accessible, unintimidating and fun – and it succeeds on all fronts by delivering new bottles that are sourced by a three-star Michelin sommelier in France every month.

PRICE: From $79 a month.
WHAT YOU GET: Two bottles – one white and one red – along with the sommelier’s tasting guide, chock-full of info and tips on the smells, pairing and appellations, among other good-to-know trivia.


Gordon Ng, Her World Magazine, September 2015

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