How To Create The PERFECT Cheese Plate For A Classy Home Party In Singapore

Time to wow your dinner party guests!
20 January 2020

A killer cheese board displayed as the centrepiece of your dinner table is always impressive when you’re entertaining.

Cheese lovers, 20 January is your day! (Who knew?) Well, Cheese Lovers Day is definitely the ideal excuse for you to indulge in your obsession with feta, cheddar or mozzarella. Pay tribute by ordering a cheese foam bubble tea. Or show your commitment by standing in a three hour queue for a Shake Shack cheeseburger.

We believe in going back to basics, and appreciating cheese in its raw form — that is, on a platter. A cheese platter, or charcuterie board, is the perfect dish to serve at any dinner party — it’s entertaining and it fills the tummies of the peckish, while they wait for the main course.

Below, the island’s cheese and wine connoisseurs answer your burning questions on how to create the perfect cheese plate.

By Gwen Ng, May 2019 / Updated January 2020 

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