Here’s How You Can Make Nasi Lemak And Other Asian Food Healthier

Don't worry, you won't have to sacrifice flavour for health and mindfulness.
21 May 2018

Living in Asia equates to flavourful Asian food such as local street food and stir-fried dishes.

These dishes are savoury and big on taste, but with the amount of oil and salt they contain, they can present a high risk to our health. Here, we ask Raja Jesrina Arshad, founder of online health and wellness platform PurelyB (, how to make Asian meals healthier but still as tasty.

Raja’s site, which features recipes as well as stories about nutrition, health and mindfulness, has a following in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. The Kuala Lumpur-based Malaysian was the former head of digital marketing at satellite television and radio operator Astro. She founded PurelyB in 2015 and quit her job to run the site full time after a month. Read through our interview with her below!

By Rebecca Lynne Tan; This story first appeared on The Straits Times, April 2018. 

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