9 Durians To Eat THIS Season In Singapore (Yes, Really!)

There's no better time to try Southeast Asia's King of Fruit than between June and September.
18 June 2018

It’s the durian season, when Singaporeans buy and eat this thorny fruit by the basket-load.

Between June to September, many Singaporeans will get together with family and friends just to partake in durian feasting. (Our expat blogger professes she’s come to love durian, too!)

Durians are generally divided into two main categories – bitter or sweet – with most people preferring one predominant taste. Mao Shan Wang and D24 are the popular kings of the throne, but there are actually hundreds of durian types in the world. There are different grades to durians (they are graded according to its bitter and sweet tastes, smell and texture), with the best quality hailing from Malaysia and Thailand.

And yes, though its pungent aroma is known put off people unused to the fruit, you might grow to appreciate it once you have gotten past the smell. Here are 9 recos – from premium grades to the easiest to digest – for you to try (and hopefully, love).

By Cheryl Lim YS, June 18, 2018. 

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