Create A World Of Flavours In Your Own Kitchen With This New Singapore Cookbook

Earn a few brownie points at the next family dinner with these delicious recipes from the International Cooking Club Singapore's (ICCS) new The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook. 
29 March 2018

(Book cover: Tatyana Kildisheva; Food styling: Michelle Pilarczyk;
Food images: Tatyana Kildisheva, Claudia Anzur, Emöke Sasi; Portrait images, including makeup and styling: Emöke Sasi)

Three years after relocating from Dubai to SG with her family, Michelle Pilarczyk found herself craving friends who shared her love for cooking. She started by putting out a few feelers out on a social media group she was in, and got “more than 200 responses within a few days,” she recalls.

Today, her group of cooking enthusiasts has grown to about 300 active members and is now known as the International Cooking Club of Singapore. Seven of its members, including Michelle, have worked together to create the club’s latest offering: The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook ($49.90, excluding shipping).

Check out the gallery below for eight awesome recipes from the cookbook, and then visit the International Cooking Club Singapore website to join, click here to order a copy, or click here to read more about Michelle and the seven ICCS participants.



By Hazel Vincent De Paul, March 2018

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Each of these recipes can be found in The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook, which can be purchased here.

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