BEST Sliced Fish Soup Stalls To Visit Around Singapore

Whether you’ve picked it because it’s a lighter hawker option, or because it’s comfort food on a rainy day, sliced fish soup is the way to go.
02 January 2019

Typically, there are two kinds of sliced fish soup available in Singapore.

The Teochew-style fish soup features a light, clean broth with fish, vegetables and beancurd, accompanied by rice or bee hoon. Then, there are the milky broths (condensed milk is usually added) that contain boiled and deep-fried slices of batang fish — and in some cases even a fried fish head. These more robust soups are typical of a Cantonese-style fish soup.

What you pick depends on your own personal taste. But where does one go? We’ve picked out 10 of the island’s best, most satisfying fish soups.

By Priyanka C. Agarwal, August 2018 / Updated January 2019
Photos: Respective restaurants unless otherwise stated

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