8 BEST Japanese Confectionery Shops In Singapore To Get The Latest Sweet Trends Straight From Japan

These popular houses have made their way to SG.
25 September 2019

From matcha cakes to soft cream buns, Japanese confectionery has a hold on our sweet tooth.

There’s just something about Japanese desserts and confectionery that we can’t get enough of. With Japanese patisseries’ insistence on maintaining consistently high standards and using quality ingredients (not to mention pretty packaging), is it any wonder why Singaporeans are more than willing to splurge on Japanese sweet treats?

Be it a classic matcha cake or a fancy soufflé, the dessert is often as aesthetically pleasing as it is satisfying to our palates.

A number of Japanese patisseries and dessert cafes have set up shop in Singapore so you no longer have to fly over to satisfy your dessert cravings. Enjoy original Japanese-style desserts that taste exactly like what you had in Japan at these establishments.

By Joyce Chua, September 2019 / Photos: Facebook 

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