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10 Top Travel Destinations Every Singaporean Is Going To In 2017 - According To Google

Found yourself still on your couch while everyone else was holidaying in Seoul this autumn, or ever missed the let's-go-to-a-discreet-island-in-Indonesia memo that all your friends seem to have gotten?

Get on the travel trends before everyone else. Global travel search engine Skyscanner found the top emerging destinations for travellers from Singapore in 2017, based on the greatest increases in searches for those cities.

The results? The picturesque city of Reykjavik, Iceland came up top emerging destination for travellers from Singapore in 2017, while under-the-radar Asian gems like Hua Hin, Thailand and Paro, Bhutan also made the top 10.

So, forget your mainstream travel destinations - these are the places you should pin on your to-go map for 2017.

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