8 Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Luxury Leather Bags And Double Their Lifespan

31 May 2016

We all have our favourite classic it-bags that never go out of style. 

Unless it’s poorly maintained – a scruffed, stained bag is never fashionable. 

Here are some tips to keep your designer handbag looking like new for as long as possible. 


1. Use a handbag organiser 

Avoid the potential heartache of finding lipstick stains all over your handbag after the lip fell off, or a sticky mess from your leaky bottle of juice. 

Using a handbag organiser to keep things in place. It also makes it easier to switch from one bag to another. 


2. You heard us – switch from one bag to another 

In case you didn’t catch that, switch up your bags!  

Rotate between a few different handbags to minimize wear and tear – you’ll prolong their lifespan for longer than you think. 


3. Keep them dry 

If you got caught in a nasty downpour, dab off – DON’T wipe – the water on your handbag immediately. 

Leave it to dry naturally in ambient room air temperatures, away from any heat sources or sunlight. 


4. Clean them well 

If you use your bag regularly, wipe it down on a weekly basis with a soft cloth. 

Never, ever use household cleaners or just any chemical to clean leather. Invest in a high quality leather cleaner. 

Also, remember to test the cleaner on a tiny, inconspicuous area of your bag before fully using it, so you’re the cleaner won’t harm your bag’s leather. 

Clean the interior of your bag as well! 


5. Know your stains 

If it’s a fresh ink or dirt stain, use a white eraser immediately to gently erase the spot.  

If it’s a grease stain, apply talcum powder (regular baby powder) to the affected area liberally to soak up the grease. Ideally, let the powder sit overnight to do its work. 

Do your research before applying just any product or method to remove stains from your leather bag. BUT leave the stubborn stains to the professionals – they know best, and they’ll treat and clean your bag for you so it’s as good as new. 


6. Get off on the right foot 

Consider having metal feet installed at the base of your bag if it doesn’t already to protect the base from scratches and dirt, especially when you put it down. 


7. Moisturize 

Leather is to your bag what skin is to you, so it needs TLC, too. 

Use a leather conditioner regularly to restore flexibility to the leather fibers, keeping it supple and free of cracks. 


8. Store it well if you’re not using it 

Always store your leather bags and shoes properly – this will protect it and keep it from fading. Keep it in an upright position, in a dust bag. 

If you’ve lost the dust bag, a soft, natural fibre pillowcase makes for a good alternative too. Never store them in plastic or vinyl – these trap moisture inside, making your bag prone to mildew damage and mould. 

Stuff your bag loosely with tissues to help it hold its shape. 

If your bag has a chain handle, store the chain inside the bag to prevent it from scratching the leather on the exterior. 

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