Changing Your Locks? Smart Locks May Be The Way To Go

13 April 2015

With digital locks replacing mechanical locks, the future of home security starts at your door. Here’s a guide to some of the smartest locks around:


  • The Only One with a  Camera

The Goji Smart Lock is the only one in the market now with a built-in camera which notifies you when someone is at your door, and shows you who it is. While it does not provide a live feed, it takes a photo of whoever is at your door and stores it in the cloud, allowing you to access it anywhere through a mobile app. Like most new smart locks, it works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can be controlled by an app or opened with a physical key. What’s unique is that the LED screen greets you by name and can be programmed to let someone in at certain timings. The Goji Smart Lock is priced at US$278 (S$374), pre-orders can be made at


  • Most Pocket-Friendly

Danalock from Denmark is the only lock listed here that can be linked up to a Z-Wave home automation system. Don’t fret if you don’t have Z-Wave, it still works with Bluetooth. The lock contains all the basic functions of a smart lock; it unlocks the door as it senses your mobile phone, can be programmed to open at certain timings and has a sleek, simple design. It’s also the cheapest of all the locks here, with prices starting at US$159 (S$214). Available at


  • Most Sleek and Stylish

One of the more common digital lock brands in Singapore, Yale Security Point and its locks are trusted and used in many homes. The Yale YDD324 lock is reminiscent of hotel key card scanners, just a lot more chic. The black mirrored casing houses an invisible keypad that activates with a touch. Aside from the pin code entry, it also allows entry through a key card and, if all else fails, a manual key override. The lock comes with plenty of functions – it warns you when the battery is low, sets off an alarm if anyone forces the door open, can be opened with a remote control, and allows you to key in fake codes to prevent your pin from being exposed. Yale Security Point’s YDD324 is priced at $699 and is available at


  • Easiest to Install

Unlike the other locks, Lockitron is installed on the inside of your home, which means no one outside will be aware of your smart lock. Simply fasten it over your existing lock and your installation is complete. The lock is connected to an app, available for both Android ( and iOS (, and unlocks automatically when it senses your phone. The same app will send you notifications when the lock’s motion sensors detect someone knocking on or unlocking your door. Lockitron is priced at US$179 (S$242), pre-orders can be made at


  • Most Functions

Samsung’s latest digital lock, the SHS-P718, is both a lock and a door handle, making it one of the most attractive options for homeowners. The stylish push-pull handle, as opposed to the traditional lever handle, makes it easy for them to open the door. It also makes unlocking the door a breeze with its various modes of access. Homeowners can unlock the door using their fingerprints, a pin code, an access card or a mechanical key. The Samsung SHS-P718 is priced at $1,150 and available at Hanman International, #03-157 IMM Building, Tel: 6564-4704.


  • Most Practical

What makes the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock so attractive is that even though the Bluetooth-enabled lock opens with a touch of a finger, it still comes equipped with a good old-fashioned keyhole. As you approach the door, the lock recognises an app on your smart phone, and turns its touch sensors on. Simply tap the lock with your finger and a blue LED ring lights up before unlocking your door. It’s partnering app, available for Android ( and iOS (, helps you create eKeys that you can send to family, friends or anyone you might need to let into your home remotely. It can also delete the same eKeys when needed. The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is priced at $399 and available at Equip Design & Supply, #05-09 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6338-3838; or at Calytron Engineering, 1 Bukit Batok Street 22, tel: 8181-8989.



Smart Locks at a Glance


  • Convenience: With the promise of keyless entry, smart locks have eliminated the struggle of digging through your bag for your keys while juggling bags of groceries at the same time.
  • Remote-access: Equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and eKeys, smart locks make it possible to unlock the door remotely for deliveries, visitors or family members at any time of the day.
  • Security: Most locks come equipped with security notifications that inform owners through their phone when someone enters or knocks on their door. Some even take photos.



  • New technology: Smart locks are still relatively new, which means not all the kinks have been worked out yet. But as more companies invest in smart-home technology,   there will be a marked improvement in home security.
  • Price: Most locks are priced in the hundreds, making them unaffordable for some.
  • Security: Unfortunately, smart locks are not any more secure than regular locks. They may come with numerous functions to prevent unauthorised entry, but if the smart lock is physically broken, it is no different from a broken mechanical lock.



By Amanda Jayne Lee, Home & Décor, March 2015

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