How To Remove Unwanted Body Hair With Just Sugar, Water, And Lemon For Baby Smooth Skin

03 February 2017

Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal: It has been around since 1,900 BC, as a smooth body was considered the gold standard of youth and beauty in ancient Egypt.

The sugar paste has a sticky consistency like malt candy, and is made of only three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. You can DIY with ingredients in your own kitchen!

The sugar concoction is water-soluble, so it can be washed off after the procedure.

Unlike hard wax, the paste is applied onto your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth (hair should be at least 0.2cm long), then quickly removed or flicked off. As it’s removed before it dries, the paste only adheres to your hair and not your skin, which minimises topical pain. Plus, it should only heated to lukewarm temperature.

Looking to get it done professionally? Sugar(ed) offers this organic option in Singapore. Find out more here.


By Carina Koh, The Finder, February 2017

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