Housing Styles of Singapore

27 April 2015
<p>Condos, Houses, HDBs or Cluster Housing?</p>

Condos, Houses, HDBs or Cluster Housing?

There are a variety of home styles available in Singapore. Some are common in most other parts of the world and some are not. It’s important to you familiarize yourself with what you’ll find during your home search to make it go more smoothly.

The different housing options in Singapore include Serviced Apartments, Condominiums, Cluster Houses, Shophouses, Conservation Homes, Black & White Houses and HDB’s (public housing built by the Housing Development Board).

For a brief description on what each housing style entails and the full version of Living in Singapore published by the American Association of Singapore, please visit http://www.aasingapore.com/living-in-singapore/  

Written by Ana Mims, Living in Singapore – Thirteenth Edition Reference Guide, May 2014

Courtesy of the American Association of Singapore.


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