Star Bartender Jim Meehan Predicts Cocktails Will Look Different In The Future

17 March 2016
<p>The possibilities are endless!</p>

The possibilities are endless!

Jim Meehan, one of the most respected bartenders in the United States, shares his thoughts about the future of cocktails.

Cocktails have come a long way to become what they are today – with their myriad contemporary renditions. What would your martini look like 10 years down the road?


Jim Meehan, one of the most respected bartenders in the United States, says the future of cocktails is big – as in big rum punch bowls that can be shared, rather than esoteric and bespoke drinks tailored to the individual.

The founder of the famed New York speakeasy PDT (Please Don’t Tell), says: “We’ve seen cocktails on tap, bottled cocktails and different styles of mass-quantity cocktails. But for me, they take the art out of it.”

Instead of sticking a spigot in a cask of pre-mixed cocktail that can be served en masse, he says rum punch bowls can still have a handcrafted element as they can be made table-side “in a way that’s quick and elegant”.

There are equally practical applications for the punch bowl. “Ten years ago, cocktail bars weren’t that busy and they weren’t as popular as they are now.” With a punch bowl sitting at the bar, ready to be ladled out when guests come in, “it’s going to buy the bartender time to have that conversation with you to find out how you’d like your Old Pal made today.”


We’re well into Singapore Cocktail Week, but you’ve still got the chance to catch Jim Meehan at his guest bartending shifts at Manhattan on Friday, 18 March, and the and rum and food pairing session at Lime House on Saturday, 19 March.

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By Anjali Raguraman, The Straits Times, 14 March 2016


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