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The REAL Reason Why Your Teeth Hurt When You Eat Cold Food - And How To Solve It

Not everyone can enjoy an iced coffee topped with cream or a serving of ice cream.

People with sensitive teeth may be deprived of such simple pleasures – not because of dietary reasons, but because taking the smallest sip, bite or spoonful can bring a sudden onset of sharp pain.

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What causes it?

Extreme temperature changes can cause teeth to expand and contract.

For example, crunching ice can cause tiny cracks on your teeth over time, allowing sensations to be transmitted to the nerves of your teeth, leading to pain and discomfort. This can result in cracked tooth syndrome.

Your tooth may also be sensitive to biting pressure, causing a sudden, sharp pain that shoots deep into the nerve endings of your teeth.

If your teeth are sensitive along the gum line and you experience discomfort only when brushing, you may have an exposed area of dentin. Tooth enamel is thinner along the gum line and can be worn away by abrasion from hard bristled toothbrushes or aggressive brushing.


Treatment options

Tooth pain can have multiple causes, ranging from root sensitivity, which requires only therapeutic toothpaste treatment, to an abscessed tooth, which needs root canal treatment.

Pain due to temperature or pressure sensitivity can be diagnosed by your dentist when examining your tooth visually and by X-ray. Simple solutions like a dab of fluoride or bonding material overlaid on the worn part of your tooth for larger areas can bring you relief.

Additionally, switching to a soft brush or an electric toothbrush without aggressive scrubbing and brushing can help reduce damage.

If you find yourself facing sensitivity issues, schedule an appointment with your dentist to find a suitable solution.



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