Robin Leong, Chi' Life Studio: Martial Arts fitness

Robin Leong
Chi' Life Studio,
EAST COAST 902 East Coast Parkway, #02-09 Block B, Playground @ Big Splash.
Tel: 6348 1812 ORCHARD 442 Orchard Road, #02-13 Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.
Tel: 6735 8812
Business established: 10 years
Niche: Martial Arts fitness

American born Robin Leong (seen with his wife on the cover of this issue) initially rented out a personal workout space for himself but was later inspired to turn it into Chi' Life Studio which he refers to as a wonderful journey of sharing his knowledge of Martial Arts to the masses. Specialised in kids fitness and family Martial Arts programmes, Chi' Life - which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year­ - has grown in leaps and bounds clinching two prime locations in Singapore and also gaining a foothold in China and the US. Robin attributes Chi' Life's success to its family friendly atmosphere, personalised attention to students, and highly skilled and motivated trainers.

TF: Tell us more about the Kung Fu Kids programme?
The programme was developed for children to gain strength and agility while enjoying themselves in our customised training sessions. It incorporates fun and discipline while learning basic Wushu self-defence techniques. Children from as young as two-and-a-half years old can learn the basics of stretching, punching, kicking, blocking, tumbling, and physical fitness fun. Besides Wushu, we also offer classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Women's self-defence, Shaolin Kung Fu for adults, kid's yoga, kid's self-defence and Chinese boxing.

TF: How does Wushu hone a child's self-confidence?
Wushu helps build stronger muscles, boosts self-discipline, improves balance, enhances hand and eye coordination and improves a child's physical and mental discipline.

TF: Any success stories?
Wushu opens up a child's inner personality, teaches them self-control and helps them shine! We've had many kids with ADD, shyness and even anger issues who made a huge improvement after training with us for a few months. Their parents noted a significant improvement in their attitude and personality.

TF: Many know you as an entertainment celebrity but not as an international Martial Arts champion. Tell us more about that.
My father started training me in Hung Gar Kung Fu at the age of four at the Seattle Kung Fu Club in Seattle's Chinatown district. He's the Chairman of the United States Traditional Kung Fu/Wushu Federation and the Seattle Kung Fu Club.
     I entered my first Martial Arts tournament at age 15 without my father's knowledge - he was against me entering fighting tournaments at that age. He only found out because I won the tournament and he saw me at the trophy presentation. Since then I've won numerous international fighting competitions in the US, Canada and China. Learning Kung Fu from a young age has helped me develop priceless hand and eye coordination and strong hips and legs, which makes playing all kinds of sports less intensive even as I get older.

TF: Best thing about your job?
The joy of watching children smiling and enjoying themselves and seeing them develop into strong, disciplined and happy kids.

Posted Feb 2012

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